💐 12 May 2024

🧐 Morning Motivation…

🎯Your plan of the day is to think of an incident that happened that didn’t go the way you wanted and write about how you would do it differently if it were to happen again.

💐 What’s happening in my world…

Today is my first Mother’s Day without my mother. She wasn’t the mother that I had wanted when growing up. She was not the Carol Brady type of mom. She made me what I am today and I am so grateful to her for that.

She was a feisty, fearless little woman that most people adored. My mom was always there when I needed her and when I didn’t. She taught me to be a strong and independent woman. To think for myself and that if I wanted something bad enough, I would figure out how to get it. Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven, Clara Lee. I miss you, Mom!

😎 Have an amazing day!


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